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The travel agent is the professional who attends the tourist for the assembly of personalized travel packages, for issuing tickets and for booking hotels and rides for their customers. He uses all his knowledge and partnerships with the vendors to propose the best options of walking for his client. The travel agent can work within a travel agency or independently. When working within a travel agency can also be called a travel operator, travel attendant or agency receptionist. They all make the sale of packages to their customers. When working autonomously, the travel agent has full autonomy over his work, assembling packages according to his knowledge and experience. When working in agency, autonomy may be limited to selling the only packages of the agency that has agreements with suppliers to sell those packages. Or because they are subpoenaed to sell airline tickets for specific airlines to achieve sales targets that exist within the agencies themselves. In this case, he can sell more expensive or less interesting packages to tourists and it is worth the message for tourists to stay tuned to this movement.

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