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The United States has been changing ever since it’s creation. It when through incredibly large and important changes in it’s first 100 years. Changes in population, government, and technological advancements completely changed as a country.

Many of the most important innovations of the time were related to transportation. Roadways and waterways made for great improvements in transportation and trade. There seems to have been no greater innovation in this field than railroads. The steam engine allowed for much faster railroad travel. The advent of refrigerated railroad cars allowed for further transportation of food for trade, which allowed products to be shipped nearly anywhere in the country, while remaining fresh.

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Large changes were made in the government and society as well. In those short 100 years the Declaration of Independence was signed, the U.S. won the revolutionary war and the Constitution was Ratified. The Louisiana Purchase took place which nearly doubled the size of the U.S., along with this, the U.S. brought in 24 more states by 1870, totaling 37 states. Factories greatly advanced, and cities industrialized, new innovations changed the way in which industry worked. Women began joining the workforce and gaining a bigger voice in society. This is just a short list of changes, clearly a lot happened in these years.

The United States change in several ways in its first century. Technology exploded, living conditions greatly improved, industry completely changed. The population went from around two million, to around thirty-eight million people. Slavery ended, though blacks were still segregated, our society was making progress. The U.S. completely changed in its first 100 years, and it has continued changing since.

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