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The word ‘androgyny’ comes from the Greek word ‘andro’ meaning man and ‘gyny’ meaning woman. Androgyny is the interaction between masculinity and femininity characteristics. Roles of men and women have been set since the stone age, men are the hunters and women prepare the food. For example, society has taught us that it was a woman’s role to cook dinner for her family while the man provides the food. But in the recent past single mothers who were unheard of at a point in time, have become common in many lives. The role of the female has changed in that situation where more mothers are the ones providing for the family. In many cases, it is both parents providing and working. Environmental factors (economy, absent parents) play a role in the cause of change in gender roles. When the system that has been imbedded in our cultures for centuries changes society has to be prepared.
Androgyny is fairly new in our society, but it is changing quickly. An example of androgynous behavior is gender X people who have both male and female traits. A gender X person claims neither gender and can have different characteristics one day or have both at the same time. As the idea of androgynous behavior evolves so does the psychological assessments between male and female.

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