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Theories claim that knowledge about social world showed reality is vigorously formed by different aspects, such as social, cultural, political and economic standards. So the social world maybe apprehends in a structural text, where common images, values and ideologies coincide. TB have naturally been students principal origin of the world knowledge that speaks the language and show how TB should be learned and used. Students are socialized into RFL both linguistically and culturally through the support of the RFLTB.
RFLTB are an important point for language socialization. Teachers get ready positioned on the TB and the learners use them in routine life, so they got socialized freely into these knowledge, beliefs and customs, ideologies, values and identities installed in the TB that are build and often changed to present the concerns of that people, who have influence or that people who design the program and teaching aids on the level of the one nation or on the international level. So based on these theories , we can observe the effects on RFLTB in China

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