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There are limited of studies conducted on the relationship between intrinsic motivation factors and psychological ownership. So, this study explore the how the intrinsic motivation will contribute to psychological ownership. The ownership effect also known as intrinsic effect of scheme means that employees receive a share, gain a share of co-ownership of the organization which leads them to perform accordingly (Andresen & Nowak, 2014).

Pierce (2001, 2003) emphasized the importance of psychological ownership based on this situation. The argument is that a share of ownership leads to changes of mind-set that contribute as psychological ownership which brings changes in attitude and behavior. This changes can be seen when the employees contribute extra efforts because of the importance of protecting the organization and business property from negative influence from outside factors. Another example can be seen through the intrinsic value such as self-esteem individual will be motivated to put their efforts to continue their ability to satisfy their own needs and expressing their performance behavior (Pierce & Jussila , 2011). This shows that intrinsically motivated

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