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There are main differences between these two main music genre. For Western pop, labels commonly choose stars or artists based on their natural talent and they have been expected to already have the training and skill level required to be professional performers at the time of their audition or contract signing. However, Korean pop idol can be chosen for a number of reason like getting scouted on the street for their astonishing visuals. And to attract the global audiences, K-pop groups often scouts members from China, Japan, Thailand and North America. Unlike the Western, the idols are not required to have professional-level skills from the get-go because each one undergoes years of rigid training prior to debut.
Next, in Western pop, there is no standard trainee system. For example, popular girl and boy groups like Little Mix and One Direction were formed through open auditions and debuted within 1-2 years. On the other hand, in K-pop, the training period is much longer and more uncertain. Furthermore, one of the reasons why K-pop stars must have so many talent is because their idol careers are much shorter than the careers of Western pop artists. Most idols’ careers only last as long as their youth and good-looks due to K-pop’s greater emphasis on appearance.

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