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There are several steps that I would list so that the pricing strategy would fall within the penetration pricing. I choose this strategy because prices are set very low so that I could obtain market segment rather fast. This will be done when I bring an original product to the market to be launched. Lastly, penetration pricing is unique because it offers products at a very low cost to be able to compete with its competitors for a certain time frame. However, once the promotion period is over course the prices would be raised back after the market segment goals have be accomplished. For instance, mobile phone charges in another country or housing loans would fall within this penetration pricing.
Next, the main goal for any business is to expand market portion and surge in sales as it pertains to capacities. There is a strategy that is in place once Track R is launched within the market. Track R is released to the marketplace at a reasonable price, but there is a charge that is associated with the quickness of exhibiting Track R and at the same time the company inspire the interest and anticipation of a product that they sponsor. Because the business offers the product at such a low price. It makes it just that much easier to increase the sales size effortlessly. Enlarging the market portion with a design to extend to the economic scale as quickly as possible. Every business has a way to increase their sales by offering promotions, when they launch their products and we will talk further in the upcoming section. Finally, in doing this they would be able to penetrate the marketplace by producing and bringing awareness to the brand.
Owners who are domination tend to Track R they are the ones who have the power to governor cost and amount, but before they are able to give a set cost, They must discern the need.

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