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There is a huge argument about which server is better the Windows server or the Linux server. A server which controlled by any particular member and it is related to windows server group of operating systems is called windows server and its advanced by Microsoft Corporation. Also, windows server provides the capability, kinds of features and high- quality server operating systems. On the other hand, the server which uses the free and unlimited source of the operating system by refers to a computer and it’s provide different kinds of programs and applications which related to Linux based server is called Linux server. Though it is not popular because of command line interface. However, after comes out the GUI which offers the ease in terms of usability it is getting popular and Linux server is most secure than windows server however, the windows server are quite expensive than Linux server. There are lots of differences between them but we have to take a look they both have some advantages while, they have some disadvantages too.
Advantages of windows server:
Windows server is improved and advance a hugely by the changes that it makes more easy to use their operating system than Linux server. Using windows server is quite easier than Linux server .Windows offers a huge collection of software programs, utilities and games as a result people still using windows server than Linux. Also windows server have their own help selection for users. They can get help from their online collection and different versions of books. Perhaps one of the most important difference between the Linux server and windows server is that in windows server easy to transfer files, documents, while in Linux server it’s quite difficult to a fixed application, web server or file. Also, because of a large number of Microsoft users, most of the hardware manufacturers get support by windows server. One of the best benefit to using
Windows server hosting that means people can improve website their own way namely web deploy and visual studio.
Disadvantages of the windows server:
When you contrast with UNIX, Windows server needs system resources a lot. Still, windows server needs the powerful machine to run windows server because windows server is not too steady and solid enough and it is not reliable like Linux though they have done huge improvement. Although they offer some software programs free most of the programs they charge. The most noticeable issue is windows server easily attack by viruses though they improve a lot. Also, windows server requires reboot regularly than Linux. Majority of windows users are not eligible to make any changes because they do not have an access code to the proprietary.
Advantages of Linux server:
Linux server is very cheaper than windows server and it is free to download any software without any charge as many as you want. Linux server is very famous for its capacity to run for years except for any problems. Also, Linux server offers different kinds of source feature which is easy to access. It is very secure operating system and it’s rarely attacked by viruses or malware compare to another server. Also, if they attacked by viruses it is very easy to recover quickly. The Linux is most reliable and you do not have to do a reboot every other month even a year. It’s really useful for any small businesses or company because it can maintain a huge number of the process at the same time. In addition, Linux offers top quality on workstations and networks and also its make easy to use few users at a time. Probably one of the major difference between those that the users of Linux they can enter fully to use the code and they can change what they want. As a result, users can make any improvements or they can modify bugs easily.
Disadvantages of Linux server:
Windows server still easy to use for new computer user use than Linux server. Windows server has a huge variety of software but, Linux has also a large number of software utilities, games, and programs which little complicated to use for beginners. Most of the companies still did not have hardware to support in Linux but, they advanced a lot most of the company they support the hardware devices in Linux.
In the end, I would say that windows and Linux they are the good quality of servers however they have few similarities and differences. Also, they both have strong and weak points and you have to consider before you choose one. Every individual has the different choice so some people may like something while some do not. In my perspective, I consider, evaluate all the issues and I think windows server best choice.

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