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There is no existing of a proper and specific definition for BIM. Based on the information source from Autodesk (2015) “Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process benefits the parties such as Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Engineer and construction players with the insight and fundamental tools to more efficiently on planning, designing , constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure from early stage of construction till the end”.
Moreover, similar definitions of BIM have been mentioned by several authors (McAdam 2010 and Nederveen, Gielingh and Beheshti 2010, RIBA 2012, CPIC 2015) as, BIM is an information modelling system containing complete and sufficient reliable information to support all life-cycle processes from inception of work to demolition of a building project which can be directly interpreted via computer applications to minimizing time consume and money consume.

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