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These days online courses have become extremely popular, as more and more institutes and companies are offering courses online. However, despite the popularity of online education, vast groups of people consciously stay away from such methods, mostly due to misconception. The online students and the traditional students share some similar aspects such as the difficulty of the courses and the number of assignments; However they differ in other aspects such as the communication with the teacher and time management.

Perhaps the most important things to the students is the difficulty of the courses, in spite of the way of learning is different from online classes to the traditional classes, the surveys shows that most of students find the course content difficult.
Online classes and traditional classes are very similar in the number of assignment. That the perennial complaint for students, too many assignments not enough time, and most students thinks they are given too many assignments.
While the online students and class room students share some similarities , they differ significantly in the way of communications with teacher, In online classes the learner is not directly interacting with the faculty. So in case of having any questions, they may find it difficult to ask their online instructor, as communication is often very impersonal. However, these courses often offer alternatives to live query resolution like online forums, emails, and chat rooms. Using these alternatives can be helpful for individuals to get their queries answered. While In a traditional classroom, students can directly share their views and clarify their own queries with the teacher, thus getting their questions answered right away.There is also a huge difference in the time management between both online and classroom learning, the best thing about online learning is that individuals can take a course from the comfort of their office or home. Even with a busy schedule, one can find some spare time to take a course or study for it. In contrast, classroom learning has a set timetable and must organize work and social life around class times.

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In conclusion, I must say that both are beneficial for students. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important for decision makers (students) to understand the importance of the subject. For beginner students, it’s important for them to take a traditional degree, diploma courses. Once they are efficient in the basics of any subject and got learning abilities then they can join online degree programs.

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