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This is one of his early paintings of Van Gogh . The colours in VAn Gogh’s early painitings are dark and sad.In this painting ,the family was so poor they had only a few potatoes to eat for dinner.They look tired and not very happy.He wanted everyone to know the lifes of the poor people were.The dark pallete muddy colors describing that farmers are very poor .Family of farmers are sitting on the table. They eat the products of their work.They are very hard working and poors.But the only meal they eat potatoes . As we can see in the picture there are potatoes in the plates and kattle some cups of tea.They are looking so tired . All of them are wearing either caps and thick and long clothing.Their Ugly faces Showing poverty .THeir bodies are very thin.They are in a dark room and the only light source comes from the oil lamp hanging on the roof above the table.The lamp is situated almost in the centre of the painting and it brightend the room.The lantern light lightning on their faces and explaining their poverty.The walls of their house also clarifying the bad condition of farmers.They are discussing something one person is taking tea and some are eating potatoes .Their bones are weak.Their skin is thin and ugly.Their condition and house just clarifying thier poor condition.They are physically weak. The Painting is realistic and naturalistic as it depicts the ordinary life of five Laborers. Van Gogh is trying to portray the ordinary, poor and tough lives of the peasants.A story of poors in a society.A life of poor Farmer in a society

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