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This sonnet is a good example of the limitlessness of love. “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds” (2). Nothing can affect or change love in any way. Being in love is to some degree so sincere, can be both perfect and imperfect at the same time. Things occur along in life that can take the importance of love away from us, but Shakespeare was trying to represent the simplest element that this can’t be done. When love is true, when it’s real and deep, it can’t be changed. Shakespeare uses similes a lot throughout this sonnet to show this fact. “Love’s not time’s fool” (12) is an example of this. Time is love’s worst adversary. Love is always stronger than time. When you fall in love with someone you feel like you want to stop the clockwise, each moment you spend with your beloved one is priceless and memorable. This may sound extremely boring for numerous people, however, it’s a different feeling to those who witnessed love. This portrays what Shakespeare was aiming to represent. He also illustrates that love is beyond magnificent and great strength. Lastly, Shakespeare claims that love is a feeling that can’t be measured.

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