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My interests towards literacy have varied from time to time. I never liked writing my stories on a sheet of paper but gradually I started to feel a personal connection with writing. I remember the time when I used to ask my brother to write summaries for the books I hated reading. The biggest obstacle I had in literacy was that I couldn’t read out loud like other kids so well. Now my thoughts towards literacy are positive because of the people who have influenced me.
Some of the people who positively influenced me was Miss Florence, my fourth grade English teacher. Every week we were assigned to read a book and write a summary on what we read, I used to often ask my brother to write it for me but one day she asked everyone to read their summaries aloud instead of submitting it that was an embarrassing moment for me but instead of insulting me in front of class she found out what types of book I liked and suggested me a book “Diary of a wimpy Kid” before I even opened the book the cover attracted me and that was the first book I read interestingly. After reading this book I found out that I liked reading diaries and I became a huge fan of that series after reading the first book. I also liked reading blogs related to cars. Miss Florence also rewarded me for completing my first book and encouraged me to read other novels too. This was the time when my attitude towards reading changed and it also helped me in improving my vocabulary.
Years later, when I was about to appear in my SAT exam I met another teacher Sir Hamza
Who not only helped me in preparing for my SAT exam but also helped me in being more confident. It was the second week of class and he made me do what I struggled the most, he made everyone read their essay’s aloud in front of people whom we barely knew, and I was called on first to read, it was very embarrassing but helped in confidence build up. However, I ended up with pretty good SAT score that goes back to him as how helped us improving our reading and writing skills.

The most important people who helped me in literacy were my parents as they helped me in overcoming my problem of slow writing speed. I faced many problems due to my slow writing speed, I never completed my exam on time and I was always left behind when teacher used to dictate anything to us. My parents helped overcome this problem by making me write two essays daily, this not only helped me in improving my writing speed but also improved my writing skills. Writing essays always stressed me and there were times when I knew what I wanted to say but, just did not have a proper way of putting on paper.

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