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To make an etching, an artist takes a sharp pointed needle and draws what they would like onto a piece of metal, like copper or steel. Also the piece of metal is covered in an acid resistant wax. While the plate is in the acid, the bare metal, which is exposed from the artist drawing into it, is eaten way, or eroded. The depth of the etching is controlled by the number of times put into the acid, and for the amount of time. The longer amount of time the metal is in the acid, the deeper the lines. To obtain a print, ink is pressed into the grooves on the metal, and the remainder is wiped away with a cloth, leaving only the design, or etched areas, with ink. The actual prints are made when with a plate press. The metal is put through the high pressured press, and it makes the paper go up into the grooves of the design and the ink is transferred onto the paper. When it comes the paper is peeled off, and it reveals the design. The process can be done repeatedly.

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