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Tristen Lairmore
English 101
Prof. Petrey
November 7, 2018
How does stress, depression and anxiety affect people lives?
“How Stress Affects Your Body.” TED-Ed, uploaded by Bergquist Horesh Sharon,
Anderson Addison, Buljevic Jure, and Animation Adriatic

The video created by Bergquist, Anderson, Buljevic, and Animation Adriatic define how stress affects the body. Bergquist explains that stress is a feeling when people are changed or overwhelmed by something. Stress is a physical response that goes through the body but, if it activated for too long it would create a chemical reaction to start up stress and damage the organs and cells in your body. The adrenal gland helps control your stress hormones called cortisol, epinephrine also known as adrenaline and norepinephrine. When they travel through your bloodstream, they attached themselves to the blood vessel which lead to the heart which makes it go faster and cause the blood pressure to be higher than normal. Cortisol can also cause endothelium, which is an inner lining of blood vessels which would lead to a heart attack or stroke, and it also effect on what you eat and how you exercise your life but if something corrupts it then everything would be a disaster. Bergquist response to this is what matters to your brain and entire body is how you can control the stress by clearing the mind.
This video will teach many students and people on how stress starts up in one’s body and how it can damage the person in the long run but if we can control our stress by controlling and mastering it you can overcome the stress in yourself and for your health to keep you away from being stress, having anxiety and having depression.
Gunnarsdottir Sigrun and Rafferty Marie Anne. WHO Regional Publications, European Series-
Chapter nine: enhancing working conditions. Geneva, Switzerland, World Health Organization, January 1, 1999 – Current.

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Gunnarsdottir and Rafferty book explain how enhancing work conditions will increase the chance of having stress. Working conditions have been the cause of stress based on the working environment, social interaction and workload. These topics are the reason why people continue having stress, but the most important one in the group would be workload. The book describes how stress can be affected by workload having a late shift, working nonstop, and lack of communication. These have increase stress intensity over the last few years because people want to finish their purpose for work and feel like they complete something for the boss or manager need to be done so will get a higher rank in pay or title but going down this path with increase of stress level to make it hard for the person working there. The lack of communication is a stressful contributor for the person that want to leave work early because he or she wants to relax their brain and muscles at home instead of increasing the pressure in her body but not saying anything to the manager will increase the pressure of stress in your body which would lead to more anxiety towards that situation again if the person is trying to have less of a workload from working.
So, with this book created by Gunnarsdottir and Rafferty, we can see on how working caution can be effective towards people’s stress level and how we can make sure it doesn’t increase from the lack of good environment structure, better conditions, an increase of communication.
Kaye Judy, Morton Jared, Bowcutt Marilyn and Maupin Dawn. “Stress. Depression and
Psychoneuroimmunology.” Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. vol 23, no.2, 2000,
pp. 93-99.
Kaye, Morton, Bowcutt, Maupin journal helps us understand how stress can lead up to depression and evaluate Psychoneuroimmunology. The stress of a person can lead to depression which can affect numerous parts of brain functions. The higher risk of a stressful lifestyle can cause a more effective depression state in his or her life. The scientists explain that people that continue having stress for a long time from start entering a phase of depression by having helplessness, loss of faith within themselves and lack of control. The connections in the perceived stress, such as the different system chemical in the body and the neurons travel throughout the vast network in the brain which ensures the balance inside the body chemical level, but if the system level start to change in the network towards the brain then there is a chance the stress level starts kicking in towards the brain which would make it unbalance for his or her body to control which increase the change of having stress which would lead to the difficulties inside the body. Also, stress can lead to affecting the white and blood cells of the body by the increasing of them or the damage them as well as, the immunoglobin levels and antibody titers which balances out the virus that enter the body. Psychoneuroimmunology is a medical treatment which helps stabilizes stress throughout the nervous system form continually using chemicals to increase the state faster.

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