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used for creating a winning campaign for the organization. The following exhibit shows the five general steps for offering solutions for better output in which our value driven recommendation could be use by the organization to strategies their fund raising activities.
Overall, I enjoyed this experience and I take pride in being a member of this team. This experience was indeed rewarding while I could assimilate better skills. This experience enabled me to broaden and deepen my abilities. I appreciate positive team dynamics related to improved efficacy and motivation.
As I reflect upon on our team related strengths and weaknesses in this context, decision making emerges as one of the pertinent ones, while a quick second will be the experience and technical resources those are brought in. When more brains are placed into the think tank novel perspectives and ground breaking ideas are sure to emerge in a revolutionary manner. I also could learn inter team dynamics and the facilitation in a group. When individuals from various cultures and work in a team communicative dynamic was observed to be main weakness owing to lack of networking and partnering with in the team. There was an imbalance in conversation with certain participants interactive in an elaborate manner that was not necessary thereby causing obstacles for the remaining participants. Also, Lack of continuity and interpersonal team building skill was seen to be triggered the complacency exhibited at certain times and impacted our performance.

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