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Video Case Study with Emma Hines, Tarmac
1. Overview:
Tarmac one of the best and leading company that provides a sustainable building material’s and construction solution. Tarmac has 150 years of experience and a good reputation around United Kingdom. They have worked across several projects since so many years and their employees are almost 8000 to 9000 which is in various departments and around 400+ strategically located sites, 120 Quarries, 74 Asphalt Plants, 100 Ready mix Concrete Plants, 22 Contracting offices and 3 Cement and Lime Plants. Their basic and primary type of business is by producing of aggregates, asphalt, ready-mix, concrete, cement and other products. But not only with this Tarmac also provides building contract service also. Now Tarmac has tied up with CRH the leading global construction company, so Tarmac can enter the global markets.
Tarmac’s new strategy is to ensure the importance of the upcoming future by adopting the approach of the whole life and their embedding sustainability in each and everything they do, from start to finish, from goods they purchase and their operation and logistics, but they also ensure the performance of their products in use and their reuse and recycle at the end of their life. Tarmac’s main and primary focus was to make sure the sustainability of the processes and thee materials which was caused by the increased awareness of the effect from climate change and furthermore, they started their new or they launched a new sustainable strategy which made them to get hold of the whole life cycle of the products in more sustainable and in a more effective way.

2. The Strategic Position of Tarmac:
The present position of Tarmac’s strategy is or the present strategic position. Tarmac has implemented new kinds of strategy’s like it is necessary to use analytical tools and techniques adequate for determination of the external environment, their strategic capabilities is in terms of resources and competences and cultural and ethical values as well as the stakeholders influence. Tarmac has established an External Sustainability Panel which is controlled by Lord Glentoran, who is to advise and challenge the business on its sustainability position and its strategic performance. This panel is to give the expert ideas or knowledge across the wide range of Tarmac’s sustainability issues that are more or the most important to the development of Tarmac and the stakeholders of Tarmac.
External environment:
What is external environment?
External environment is nothing but the outer influence that makes a greater impact in the act of business and this must act or must react to keep up its flow of operations. The external environment is dived into two types:
• Micro environment
• Macro environment
Micro environment is the factors which influence the company directly with its operation.
Macro environment is the general influence of a business which typically do not have the control over it.
When we see Tarmac as the

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