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Views on individuality range from individualism involve a necessary tension between the desires of the individual to express him or herself and the needs of the society or community to ensure that there is some kind of common agreement on what kinds of behavior are acceptable.
It can be difficult to maintain your individuality especially since society generally accepts people who are the same. On certain extents Even though individuality is respected on certain extent if you spend a lifetime trying to conform and act like someone who you most definitely are not you start to lose a certain part of your identity as a human being.
One analogy to individuality is that those who show more uniqueness and be a nonconformist can have qualities of a leader. Whereas those who are conformists are akin to being a part of the herd and be a follower.
An actor may try so hard to relate and act as a certain character that they may become that character. Similarly, those who try to fit in a certain mold may end up losing who they are.
Individuality is important to the rise and development of a civilization.

People are human beings but aren’t necessarily being human
Individualism is important in addressing an individual person wants. It is what gives motivation and drives passions. In a society where there is no individuality life would be boring. It would be a society where everyone dresses the same, has the same mindset, and have no change. Individuality is what allows change whether it is positively or negatively.
I disagree with the quote “To be human is to be an individual human, with individual tastes, talents, and aspirations that are distinct from those of other. To be human doesn’t require individualism. Individualism is based on the concept that a person is different in the choices, thoughts, opinions, ideas, and decisions they make. It is impossible to truly be an individual person since being a part of a society you share common interests and beliefs. Everyone is often classified somehow and no one is left without something to be called.

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