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The minister of education is responsible the entire education system and to ensure that it is working according to requirements not just getting by barely with a low pass rate. Firstly we should immediately get rid of all corruption to ensure that the system is clear of all “bad apples” in order to run smoothly and effectively. The problem of underachievement needs to be eradicated from all schools so that not only will students futures look brighter but the country’s as well. Every school should allow learners to have access to a vital source of information which should be both a library on the school premises as well as access to the internet using computers. A major benefit to schools for the gaining of vital information for research would be access to uncapped Wi-Fi. This introduction of technology to schools will make studying easier and possibly more fun for learners. Schools with outdated technology systems must all be upgraded to the highest possible standard.
With the introduction of new technologies in schools, it would be appropriate for schools itself to be revamped. School buildings that are damaged or dilapidated should be renovated, including possibly extending school sizes and adding more classrooms. Adding to that, more school furniture must be provided to accommodate for all students. As is an issue recently, many schools have poor lavatories therefore proper ones should be built as it accommodates to basic human rights. The structural integrity of schools should set the example of what it expects from its students in terms of achievement, a well presented school would want to have and promote high achieving learners.
Many children be it rural areas or even urban areas, find it difficult to travel to and from school. They would have to wake up early to walk long distances to reach school, this would make students exhausted be the time they reach school and it’s difficult to study when you’re tired. Taxis, buses or even transport services may be too expensive for some learners to afford. A solution to this problem would be to implement a transport system especially for students. Perhaps a school bus or multiple buses to pick up and drop off school learners to and from designated areas to decrease their walking distance. This can make students feel safer and more comfortable knowing that their school is looking out for them.
Other than just helping the students, the department of education can help teachers do their jobs better which in turn is beneficial to students. There should be more workshops for teachers, this allows teachers to interact with each other and they can discuss different teaching methods for different subjects. If one teacher has success using a specific teaching method or approach they can encourage other teachers of the same subject to do the same and vice versa for teaching methods or approaches that do not work. Teachers are the builders of the country’s future so it’s safe to say they hold our future in their hands. With this being said it only seems fair that they should have one of the best salaries in the world with incentives such as bonuses included. This can also encourage more people to study teaching and promote the profession and thus create a positive cycle for success.
The department should encourage parents to take an interest and motivate their children to perform well at schools. After all learning begins at home. Some strategies for parents: parents should never belittle their child’s worker but rather encourage them to do better. A parent should always show interest in the school work, homework and assignments given and offer help or assistance wherever they can. Also acknowledge your child’s strengths and urge them to keep up this consistency but also work on their weaknesses so they can perform well in all areas of school work. Never overload your child with so much housework that they have no time to do school work, rather divide time to allow them to do everything but at the same time not adding too much pressure. Parents should promote the love of reading and education at home so it becomes a pivotal part of their lives. Make up a study timetable for your child to use at home and during that time only studying should be done. Parents need to remain in contact with the school and teachers to ensure they keep up to date with their child’s progress.
Just as the department encourages parents to help children, the same should be done with teachers to help children. Teachers should emphasize goal setting. Help underachieving students set realistic goals that they can eventually reach and make sure to avoid comparing students to others in a competitive atmosphere as this can discourage the underachieving to improve. Emphasize and show trust that these students can be successful and that you believe they have the potential to do great things if they put their mind to it. Help students recognize their achievements and show ways for improvement. Show students what the value of their success has in the outside world and what a success their life can be like. Encourage learners to read more to widen their knowledge span. Teach students that their actions and performances have consequences which can be either good or bad depending on them. Most underachievers aren’t aware of their weaknesses so as a teacher you should point it out to them in a caring way and show them how to rectify this problem. Teachers should have specific strategies planned to help aid the underachievers in improving. This can include classroom activities that increase learning skills and increases memory. A good way to get rid of underachievement would be too team underachievers with high achievers in tasks or group work, the high achiever will encourage the other to do well and teach them their own methods of understanding.

Everyone should know something, a person who does not seek success, does not have ambition, thus it is the ambition that is the endless treasure. It should be emphasized that success needs hard work, sacrifice and patience. Learners must work hard and do their best to achieve success and fulfilling their goals. A well-known saying, “As you plant you will reap”, with this, learners should believe in their own potential to achieve their goals, not only in the academic world but also in all life. Learners must have a strong need to remove the negligence and laziness from their lives. They should believe that they are better, talented, and more intelligent than they or anyone knows. They should remove all the negative words about themselves, such as “I cannot” or “I’m not smart enough”. Instead they should constantly repeat these expressions, “I deserve the best”, “I’m Excellent” and “I will be successful in life”. Good learners have to think and love success then can they only start their journey towards accomplishment of their goals and remember that success starts in the psychological state of the individual.

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