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When it comes to the methods of communication there are several channels of communication for internal and external message sharing. That each channel has advantages and disadvantages that optimize organizational communication.
Face to face communication it is the most common preferred communication channel if clarity of message is a main factor.
• Advantage: it allows individuals to interact with the listener in a back-and-forth discussion. In addition, it allows to utilize nonverbal gestures, facial expressions and personal charisma to enhance the message.
• Disadvantages: as a potential conflict could occur and become more heated or emotional in a face-to-face channel. That will lead to getting tension or stress which more likely if on person have personal conflict with the other person.
E-mail Communication it is vital communication channel in geographically isolated organization or employee who is in different area.
• Advantages: this channel allows for quick to use having multiple receipts and more flexible, response times where message one day and receive a response in a few hours or the next day. As well, it permits for the addition of files such as documents or images.
• Disadvantages: because of less personal than either face-to-face or phone, this missing context of the message may lead to misunderstandings or misinterpreted. Also, individuals may overuse it.
Telephone Communication this method could be used as landline or mobile telephones have taken up the communication loose in organization where distance and travel prevent face-to-face conversation.
• Advantages: it brings an immediate interaction between two parties in the communication. As well it expands individual’s ability to communicate with distant workers or offices.
• Disadvantages: this method lacks of nonverbal or facial expressions, which can prevent the ability to interpret the context or emotion of a message sender. Where it has less personal than a face-to-face meeting and inconsistent.

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