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Whenever a new individual enters a care setting it is incredibly important to do an assessment of how likely an individual is to get a pressure sore. This will be done through a score sheet which will take into account any previous history the individual has of pressure sores, also their age and any medication that they are taking etc. If individual’s score highly in the assessment, then it is incredibly important to put in measures such as turning charts immediately so that the risk of pressure sores is reduced. The initial assessment needs to be done as soon as possible as pressure sores can develop very quickly. It is also important to take into account any changes to an individual’s condition because this could result in a change to their pressure ulcer risk, the individual must be re-assessed as soon as their condition changes. The best way to quickly identify a change in a person’s pressure ulcer risk, you should undertake an assessment of pressure ulcer risk on a daily basis when working in hospitals and monthly when working in care settings or more frequently if required.

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