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With that in mind, I want to look at a couple of Christian ethical concepts, beneficence and justice, that I could use to evaluate an example of a serious situation in which lying might be considered permissible.
An example of a serious situation in which lying might be considered permissible could be a situation involving protecting someone’s life. For example, a person comes to the church seeking protection from an angry partner. They tell the me that they had a fight with their partner and are afraid of what they may do if they found them. The partner shows up to the church and asks the me if I know where the partner is. At that point, I must be decided whether or not to tell the truth. Through the lens of beneficence, an obligation to do go and not harm to other people, I may deem it necessary to lie to protect the person seeking help. Telling the truth in this situation may lead to more violence. While I do know the truth is the right thing to do, lying in this situation could ensure that no harm come to either person.
In addition, the other ethical concept of justice, the ethical principle showing fairness to everyone, could also justify telling a lie in this situation. Through this concept I could feel that telling the lie will allow the aggressive partner time to calm down and think rationally. It would be easy for me to put myself in the same situation and ask myself if the shoe were on the other foot how would I want to be treated. I feel that I could justify that telling the truth in this situation, which is the right thing to do, would not be fair to either person.
Depending on what side of the argument you stand lying can be both absolutely wrong or in some cases justifiable. In a society where deceit and falsehood have apparently become an essential part of personal living, trade and industry, advertising, politics and international relationships, Christians are called to demonstrate, in life and word, truth that reflect the nature of God himself.

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