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On April 1, 2003 a new legislation came in to affect. This legislation involves a process in which deals with “youth who are at least 12 but under the age of 18 who are alleged to have committed criminal offences” (Department of Justice, 2017, para. 1) The question for this topic is, are the YCJA sentencing options appropriate for serious violent youth offenders? There are multiple approaches when dealing with this topic. Some say that this sentence is an appropriate option when dealing with youth offenders because they are not mentally prepared to loose their sense of self if they do get an adult punishment when committing any serious crimes. Another approach would be that the sentencing options is seen as too dulcet on youth offenders because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act protecting them as well as they would not take the sentencing literally.
Before we get started there are many individuals who do not have a full understanding of what the Youth Criminal Justice Act is. The YCJA is “An Act in respect of criminal justice for young persons and to amend and repeal other Acts” (Youth Criminal Justice Act, para. 1). In other words the YCJA is an Act that covers minors dealing with criminal activity. Under section 13 of the Criminal Code of Canada, it states “No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission on his or her part while that person was under the age of twelve years.” The maximum sentence for a serious violent youth is 10 years and murder it doesn’t even extend to the maximum while the murder sentence for an adult is 25 years to life. There are many individuals saying that if a youth were to commit murder, rather than giving them 25 years to life which would cause them to loose their sense of self, giving them probation, community services, consolation, would not only help better themselves but they would be more deemed as “safe” for the public. In the end, the sentencing options for serious violent youth offenders does seem as an appropriate option because society believes that severe punishments would not only destroy their sense of self but it would not give them an option to better themselves if they committed a serious crime for the first time.

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